Develop self confidence

The perceptions you have about yourself affect your behaviour in almost every situation. If you want people to see you as a tough target you need to be confident in your abilities. Krav Maga training is a great way to develop this confidence, as you will be constantly challenged and witness yourself develop new abilities. One aspect that is unique to Krav Maga is the employment of realistic training methods and scenarios and simulations. This way you get to experience performing the skills that you learnt in class in a realistic environment and see how effectively you can defend yourself in a real situation.


Maintain your level of fitness and health

Keeping your body healthy and fit is compulsory for being ready to deal with an attack effectively. Fitness, agility and strength matter. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Stay away from harmful substances and limit your consumption of alcohol to maintain an optimal level of awareness and self defence responses.


Keep a strong body language

Don’t let a potential attacker make the misconception that you are an easy target. Maintain strong and confident body language; be conscious of your mannerisms, gestures and attitude to convey a warning message to your potential aggressor – I am able and ready to fight to protect myself.


Always secure your house and your car

Many violent crimes are committed in the victim’s home or in their car. This is where the victim feels that they are in a safe environment and are untouchable. Attackers take advantage of the seclusion offered by these environments catching victims by when they least expect it. That’s why you always need to keep your house and your car locked, especially if you are by yourself.


Mind your language

Most fights start verbal and then escalate. So if you find yourself in a confrontation that has the potential to turn violent, make sure that you have control over the words that are coming out of your mouth. Being aggressive towards others in many cases you will receive an aggressive response.


Develop your negotiation skills

Developing negotiation skills is more difficult than developing physical self defence skills but can be worth it. Try to find a way to resolve the situation without it deteriorating to violence. Fighting is always a last resort. But also don’t make the mistake of thinking you can talk your way out of every situation.


Don’t fight for your money

Your money, your jewels and other valuables are not worth fighting for. If your attacker asks you to give him your wallet, just give it to him and get away.



Be aware of your environment

Be aware of what is happening around you and keep a distance from people that make you feel uncomfortable.



Understand your limits

If your attacker has a weapon or if you are outnumbered, this is not a good time to showcase your fighting skills. Put your pride on the side and accept that you simply can’t win every fight. If you are put in a situation where you do have to fight, focus on escape and not on defeating your attackers as it could cost you your life.


Attend Krav Maga classes on a regular basis

By training in Krav Maga classes regularly you will develop the skills todefend yourself in any situation that you may face on the street. You will gain practical experience performing these skills in realistic environments by participating in Krav Maga’s unique training scenarios. You will learnKrav Maga self defence tactics and build strength, improve your fitness, and develop your self confidence and awareness.


Understand when you have to fight

In most cases it is best policy to comply with your attacker, give them your money, your jewels; it’s simply not worth risking injury or on the other hand hospitalizing your attacker and spending thousands defending yourself in court. Let the police deal with them.

But you also need to know, when you simply cannot afford to comply. If your attacker wants you to get in their car, go with them to a secluded place or put you in handcuffs, this will only serve to put you in a more compromising situation. Complying with such demands will greatly decrease your chances of survival. If your attacker is intent on causing you harm, better that the fight takes place where you still have a chance of fighting back or getting away.