Unique Self Defence Techniques

In Krav Maga, you learn how to defend yourself as quick as possible against all types of attacks (punches, kicks etc.) coming from any angle. During training, you generally tend to repeat again and again the strikes you’ve learned with your partner in order to turn them into body reflexes. So next time your girlfriend grabs you from the back be careful not to throw her your elbow in the face… And that’s another great thing about Krav Maga: you also learn how to control your fighting impulses!

Krav Maga also teaches you how to fight from the ground. These are without doubt the most difficult  self defence techniques that anybody could learn, so your instructors might insist strongly on avoiding at all costs moving to the ground when facing an attack. These techniques are taught a lot to women self defence/rape prevention classes, in order to help them learn how to use their body and effective striking (not necessarily strength) to avoid chokes, headlocks, punches, from their attacker, and most importantly, to get back on their feet as quick as possible.

Defence against common weapons such as knifes, guns and sticks is also part of Krav Maga techniques, in order to prepare their students to any possible scenario of street attack.