Women's Self Defence Classes

Women’s Self Defence classes are very similar to the regular group classes. The difference being that there is more focus on scenarios and techniques which are more relevant to women, such as rape prevention, defending on the ground, how toeffectively fight against a bigger attacker, situational awareness, and conflict prevention methods.

Women’s self defence classes in Krav Maga are a great way to improve your confidence and awareness. Krav Maga is much more than just a self defence system.

By training Krav Maga you will also drastically improve your fitness which also serves to raise your day to day confidence and general well being.

Krav Maga tends to be highly appealing to women because it is a unique fitness activity that is simple to practise, useful, highly effective, and that provides you with a comprehensive fitness training program.

It is also a perfect fitness and social activity to practise with a girlfriend as most of the practice is done in pairs and small groups.

SHE FIGHTS BACK - Krav Maga Classes & Workshops for Women Only

A self-defence workshop for women only that will allow participants to learn basic fighting skills while training their body's natural reaction to danger.

  • Location: Krav Maga Defence Institute, 8 Rutland Street, Surry Hills 2010
  • Contact: Tel (02) 9699 30 70, Email: info@kmdi.com.au
  • Information and bookings on KMDI website: www.kmdi.com.au/womens-self-defence